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BTES requires a deposit of two times the highest bill at the location at which you are applying for. A general power customer with a calculated standard deposit of $20,000 or less, which has a principal owner who has lived in our service area five or more years with good pay and credit history and is willing to guarantee the account, may have the deposit reduced or waived. *Deposit requirements must be met before an application will be processed. Deposits are refunded after the customer no longer has an account with BTES, at which time the last bill will be deducted. Any remaining balance will be billed/refunded to the customer.

I understand that all the answers above are true and complete and are submitted for the purpose of obtaining electric service from BTES. I will be responsible for all charges for such electrical service until BTES is notified in writing to the contrary and service is disconnected. I understand that such service shall be furnished, subject to the Rules and Regulations of BTES, as amended from time to time, copies of which are available to me at all time during business hours at the BTES office, 2470 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, Tennessee. * Please sign your electronic signature below using the last four digits of your social security number with your last name stating that you understand and agree with what is written above. (Example: 1234Smith)

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