Maximize Your Internet Speed


To make sure you are getting the fastest speed possible, let's run a speed test.

Connect your computer directly to the Internet connection (bypassing the router). Close everything - if it uses the Internet, go ahead and shut it down. Visit to run the speed test.


You can make your BTES Internet wireless by using a router. Here are some things to consider:

Ensure your router can handle your speed. Some older routers can only handle speeds up to a certain amount. This is especially true for speeds above 54Mbps. The router model makes a big difference (B, G, N, or AC). For example, for 100Mb or more, an AC router would work best.

Older devices may not be able to handle faster speeds. Your Internet speed will only be as fast as what your device and its wifi adapter will support.

Find a central location for your router. The closer your devices are to the router, the faster and more reliable your connection.

Stay up to date on router firmware. Vendors regularly release software updates to improve stability, performance, and security.

Remember - if you run a speed test from a wireless device, take into consideration all of the above plus your wifi connected devices including security cameras, thermostats, smart appliances such as refrigerators and crock pots, smart speakers like Alexa, among others.

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Your Internet speed has a download (the first number) and an upload (the second number) speed. Both are very important!

Download speed will determine how quickly you can receive information from the Internet. For example, you may use the Internet to download music files, view websites, or watch TV online - all of these functions require information to be downloaded from the Internet.

Upload speed will determine how quickly you can send files, information, and data to the Internet. For example, when you put pictures on social media sites or use a search engine, you are uploading data to the Internet.

Video apps such as Facetime and Skype use both download and upload speeds - so both numbers are important for high quality Internet performance.


With your BTES Gigabit Internet, you will be receiving speeds of 940Mbps. To make a long (and very technical) story short, as with all Gigabit connections some of the bits are overhead including preamble, inter-frame gaps and TCP which results in the maximum received speed of 940Mb. 

If you are using a router - make sure that it supports Gigabit speeds and that your computer or mobile device is using the latest wifi standards and has Gigabit capabilities.

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