TVA Power Shortage Results in Rolling Interruptions of Service

Saturday December 24, 2022

December 24, 2022 Update (11:30am): We have just been notified by TVA that the necessity for rolling power interruptions will end at this time. We will remain in regular communication with TVA to determine if future action is necessary. As extreme weather conditions continue, we ask for the public to join us in continuing to reduce energy usage for the time being.


Bristol, Tennessee – Emergency conditions on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) power system have reduced the amount of power available to electric power consumers and have resulted in the need for rolling interruptions. Responding to what the National Weather Service has called a “once-in-a-generation” storm, TVA is working in partnership with local power companies and direct-serve customers to proactively manage some of the highest power demands in its nearly 90-year history.

Don Moul, TVA’s Chief Operating Officer explains, “Normally during this time of year, our system manages demand around 24,000 MWs. We are seeing peak demands over 33,000 MW – one of the highest winter peaks in TVA’s history.”

A limited number of TVA’s generating facilities are not operating as expected during this event resulting in a loss of generation. Such events are part of TVA’s plans and TVA has teams working 24/7 to return those units to service as soon as possible.

BTES Interim CEO Clayton Dowell explained, “Once again at around 6:00 am this morning, we joined other local power companies to implement TVA’s request to conduct rolling power interruptions. As part of this process, we anticipate that groups of customers will experience approximately 15-20-minute power interruptions. This will help ensure that consumers have at least a periodic supply of electricity.”

This process will continue for as long as necessary to help TVA reduce the likelihood of more widespread outages.

“This continues to be a rapidly evolving situation and, working with our partners, we remain committed to doing everything possible to keep the essential power grid stable and resilient,” said Moul.

TVA is using all available resources, purchasing available power from neighboring utilities, and crews from TVA and local power companies are working around the clock to restore full electric service to all areas as quickly as possible.

“As we continue to deal with changing weather conditions, there remains the possibility a power outage could still occur that is not related to this process,” Dowell explained. “If your power remains off for more than 30-45 minutes, please call our automated outage reporting system at 423-968-2837."

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