(To advance through the Apprentice Program to Journeyman Lineman)

To become familiar with tools, equipment and type of work with the Construction Department and assist the linemen in distribution line construction and maintenance by the performance of those duties that are performed from the ground. This is an entry level job opportunity for the apprentice lineman program and is for a period of 6 months. If retained, he or she will enter into the 4-year apprentice lineman program.

The position is a learning job only, enabling the individual to determine if he or she wants to enter training in line work and enabling Bristol Tennessee Essential Services to determine whether the individual has the basic skills, interest and abilities for lineman training.

Four years of high school with an Associate degree in electrical technology.

Experience with equipment such as trucks or hydraulic machinery is desirable. Physically able to perform heavy outside work in all types of weather and not be afraid of heights. Valid driver’s license required.

NOTE: This job is open to male and female applicants.

1. The majority of a Groundman’s work is on the ground. However, during the training period as Groundman, he or she shall be expected to gain experience on poles so that, upon entering the second six months of training, he or she can be involved actively in work upon poles.

2. Under no conditions will a Groundman have a work assignment which will place him within reach of energized equipment.

3. The Groundman shall learn BTES’ Construction methods, and will be expected to work with all basic materials and equipments used in line construction. He or she will be responsible for learning, while a Groundman, the proper care of all equipment used by his assigned crew(s) including being familiar with and performing routine maintenance. He or she must learn to:

    1. Frame poles properly on the ground.
    2. Install poles, anchors and guys.
    3. Cut and clean right-of-way properly, using power equipment as necessary.
    4. Use air compressor, jack hammer and explosives to dig a rock hole.
    5. Use digger derrick to load poles, set poles and hang transformers in a de-energized line.
    6. Use excavating equipment to install underground conductors and equipment.
    7. Assist other crew members, as requested and directed.

4. The Groundman will receive training in safe practices of performing all of the above duties and of handling all tools and equipment which he or she uses. In addition, he or she will receive basic training in first aid, including cardio pulmonary resuscitation with AEDs.

5. The Groundman will learn the voltages of lines worked on and should begin to develop an understanding of the distribution system layout.

6. The Groundman should learn basic work order and should gain an understanding of BTES’ basic residential and commercial rates.

7. The Groundman will work under the general supervision of the Supervisor of Transmission and Distribution and the direction of an assigned Working Foreman. He or she shall remain in the Groundman’s Classification for a period of six months. At the end of that time, after review and recommendation of the Apprentice Committee and approval by management, he or she can be advanced to the next training step – Apprentice Lineman I. He or she must obtain a Class A Commercial driver’s license learner’s permit within the first 2 months and their permanent Class A Commercial driver’s license within 5 months.

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BTES is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace.

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