Student Night Dispatcher


  • To operate the two-way radio system to provide for effective and accurate communication between field personnel and others.
  • To receive and record customer calls and determine and dispatch proper personnel and notify supervisor when necessary in order to provide prompt service and restoration of service.
  • To maintain a record of activities during off-duty operation.
  • To handle customer service requests and to operate SCADA and PORCHE electronic outage reporting system per supervisor’s instruction.

Personal Requirements:

  • Four years of high school. Must be enrolled in an accredited college, preferably as a freshman or a sophomore.
  • Basic knowledge of general office records and good communication skills. Must learn to read computer printouts, understand System’s maps and dispatch board and be familiar with service area. Some knowledge of roads within System area would be helpful.
  • Must have considerable skill in dealing with people including ability to deal with irate customers. Requires tact, judgment and courtesy at all times.
  • Must be able to respond to call-out events within 5 minutes for outages, other system events and job related responsibilities. May live in dorm room at Service Center on off-hours.

NOTE: This job is considered a work-study program and will terminate when the individual graduates or quits school.

Reporting Relationships

    Reports to: Supervisor of Electric Engineering

Responsibilities & Authorities

  • Monitoring of the radio and relaying telephone, paging and radio messages as required.
  • To answer telephone calls, take appropriate action and properly record information.
  • To properly post and maintain information as pertains to the System.
  • To maintain service records concerning meters and street lights and customer services.
  • To monitor and respond to the PORCHE electronic outage reporting system.
  • To prepare maps to accompany engineers work orders on a daily basis as work orders are generated.
  • Other miscellaneous duties as assigned, including but not restricted to miscellaneous record keeping, paper work and vehicle cleaning.

Personal Contact

General contact with the public and customers in relaying telephone calls and handling customer service. Requires normal courtesy and requires tact and judgment in emergencies.

Performance Measurement

  • Ability to relay messages to proper personnel accurately and promptly.
  • Ability to determine with the help of field personnel to what extent emergencies exist.
  • Accuracy of posting System information.
  • Accuracy of all service records.



On-duty schedule is when the employee will be working from the dispatching room answering the telephone, dispatching the information, keeping the records, etc.  During this schedule, the employee will be paid by the hour.

If calls are received at times when the employee is not scheduled to be On-duty, they would be paid for time worked. A minimum of fifteen (15) minutes call out pay shall be allowed when dispatcher is called to work during the Call-out duty schedule.

Two employees (A,B) will be required for this job. The employee who is scheduled for on-duty or call-out will be responsible for the time assigned. If it becomes necessary for the two employees (A,B) to exchange schedules, the Supervisor must be notified. The schedule is subject to change, as necessary, by the Supervisor.



Monday 4-11pm A On duty 7 hours
Monday/Tuesday 11pm - 7am A Call-out duty  
Tuesday 4-11pm B On duty 7 hours
Tuesday/Wednesday 11pm - 7am B Call-out duty  
Wednesday 4-11pm A On duty 7 hours
Wednesday/Thursday 11pm - 7am A Call-out duty  
Thursday 4-11pm B On duty 7 hours
Thursday/Friday 11pm - 7am B Call-out duty  
Friday 4-11pm A On duty 7 hours
Friday/Saturday 11pm - 8am A Call-out duty  
Saturday 8am - 5pm B On duty 9 hours
Saturday/Sunday 5pm - 8am B Call-out duty  
Sunday 8am - 4pm A On duty 8 hours
Sunday/Monday 4pm - 7am A Call-out duty  

A - 29 HOURS

B - 23 HOURS

Each following week from this schedule A & B would rotate shifts.


The drinking or possession of alcoholic beverages will NOT be permitted on the Service Center premises.

The keeping of animals as pets, other than pets such as fish or turtles, will NOT be permitted.

Overnight guests will be permitted only by advance permission of the Supervisor of Electric Engineering at BTES.

Occupants will be required to keep Dormitory Room neat, clean and orderly at all times.

Occupants will be responsible for any damages to the room or furniture during occupancy.

Radio, televisions, computers and other such electronic devices will be permitted in the dorm room.  Antennas of any type outside the dorm room will require approval of the Director of Operations.

All cooking or food storage will be limited to the concessions areas of the Service Center. The storage of food or the use of hot plates will not be permitted in the dorm room. Occupants must use only those grocery supplies which he/she provides for himself/herself, or those which the company provides for a charge. Those using the facilities must keep the area clean.

All college campus rules will apply to occupants of Service Center Dorm Room.

A minimum of fifteen (15) minutes call out pay shall be allowed when dispatcher is called back to work after having been released from the regular day’s work unless the dispatcher works past regular quitting time without being released from duty, then only the actual time worked shall be allowed.

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BTES is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace.

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