Water Heater Maintenance Program

More than 17,000 customers participate in our Water Heater Maintenance Program!

And why not ... who could resist?

  •     Free installation
  •     Free delivery
  •     Free load management device
  •     Free emergency service calls

If your location is eligible, you get all of this for only $683 plus tax plus any charges for additional plumbing or work outside of a normal install. An additional $25 is needed for locations in the Bristol, TN City limits for an inspection permit

We even have financing available for 24 months – payments added to your BTES bill.


  • What type of water heater is installed?

    We install efficient storage tanks. Since we may turn the water heater off at certain times, we do not want you to run out of hot water therefore we install high efficiency water heater tanks.

  • Can I participate if I don't need a new water heater?

    If you do not need a new water heater, you can still join our program if your location is eligible. We will install the load management device on your electric water heater FREE of charge and still provide you with FREE maintenance on your elements and thermostats, for as long as the load management device is in proper working condition, replacement parts are readily available and we are still participating in the program in which you are enrolled.

  • How much space is needed for a BTES water heater to be installed?

    The water heaters we install are 75" tall and 24" wide.

  • What is a load management device?

    A load management device is a box we install between your breaker box and the water heater. This device allows us to turn your water heater off during certain times of the day, month or year, when electricity prices are increasing. This, in turn, helps reduce generation costs and the amount of capacity needed to generate power helping to keep electric rates lower than they would have been otherwise.

  • What do I do if I need service?

    Simply call our Customer Experience Department at 423-968-1526 or email customerexperience@btes.net. We will have someone come to your location and check and fix your elements and thermostats as needed for FREE, for as long as your location is eligible, the load management device is in proper working condition, replacement parts are readily available and the program in which you are enrolled is still in place.

  • How hot is the water in my water heater tank?

    BTES sets the temperature of the water in our water heater tanks at 135 degrees to reduce the chance of our customers running out of hot water when we cycle them off as part of the program and to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

    Legionnaires’ disease is caused by a type of bacteria called Legionella. Found naturally in the environment, Legionella grows best in warm water, such as the kind found in hot water heater tanks.

    Legionella grows best at temperatures between 68 degrees and 122 degrees. Setting our water heater temperatures at 135 degrees helps kill this bacteria. People can become infected with Legionnaires’ disease when they breathe in a mist or vapor containing the bacteria. The bacteria are not spread through person-to-person contact.

    Most healthy people exposed to the bacteria do not become ill. People at a higher risk of getting sick include the elderly, those with chronic lung disease, current or former smokers, those with a weakened immune system, and those who take medications that suppress the immune system. Although Legionnaires’ disease primarily affects the lungs, it occasionally can cause infections in wounds. Most cases can be treated successfully with antibiotics.

*For BTES customers only


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